Terranova Real Estate Show (TRES)

The introduced TV program focuses on the Tanzanian Real Estate sector as one of the fastest growing but poorly presented and regulated sectors in the country’s economy. In order to address various issues and trends in the industry, the need to have a dedicated TV show is of a vital importance due to the fact that TV is still the most widely used media not only in developed countries but also in developing countries. The approaches towards creating this program have been mainly focusing on the nature and the need of primarily the middle and upper class individuals and corporate entities residing mostly in urban areas.

This TV program consists of three seasons per year, each season consists of twelve episodes and each episode is running for a period of thirty minutes. The show is currently being aired on Africa Swahili TV which is available on Channel 120 and Channel 121 on Azam and Startimes decoders respectively every Monday at 2100 Hours and Saturday at 1800 Hours. Each episode has got typically six major segments which its content varies in every episode. The following are the segments and their contents:

1. Meet your Realtor

This is an introduction segment whereby the host is seen opening up the show, and briefing the viewers on what is to come on the show. The concentration is usually on the general introduction of the particular episode.

 2. Just Listed

This is a major segment of the show, whereby high end properties are listed for either sale or lease. Their features are well described by the host so as to attract clients. Each episode features a review of 3 properties of various types, e.g. commercials, residential apartments, bungalows etc.

3. Hot Deals

This is a sister segment of just listed which focuses on displaying mostly low end properties and sometimes high end properties which are listed below market value.

  4. Let’s talk Real Estate

Invited real estate experts are seen  interviewed or presenting hot  matters on real estate sector.

   5. Property Feeds

A short narration of mostly trending real estate news and updates in the industry.

   6. Mortgage Corner

A five minutes slot whereby a Mortgage guru (Dr. Felician Komu) is seen  tackling frequent asked questions faced by individuals who are seeking for mortgage in various banks.

   7. Tips from your Realtor

A One minute segment whereby the host is  enlightening viewers on things related to Real Estate that are not known by many in a form of guidance such as the do’s and don’ts , procedures, countdowns, and so on.

8. Curtains Closed

Hereby the host is seen giving concluding remarks for the particular episode.

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