TERRANOVA which is a Latin for ‘Newfoundland’ is a reputable Real Estate firm which is legally owned and led by two Real Estate professionals. The first Director has a BSc. Degree in Property and Facilities Management while the Second Director has a BSc. Degree in Land Management and Valuation and MSc. Real Estate. The rest of the staff comprises of mostly young, experienced, dynamic, energetic professionals. The company’s Headquarter is domiciled in Dar es Salaam Tanzania. Our offices are currently at Plot No.32 Karibu Street, Sinza Mori opposite to Delina Apartments. Since its establishment the Company has been working with both local and international clients.

TERRANOVA is a limited liability company incorporated under Cap. 272 of the Laws of the United Republic of Tanzania with Certificate of incorporation No. 108684 issued in June 2014 in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. The company has been issued by The Ministry of Industry and Trade a license to provide all Real Estate and associated services with a Business license No: B 2088161. TERRANOVA is also registered by Tanzania Revenue Authority as a Tax compliant corporate with registration number (TIN) 124-995-957 and VRN 40-027423-C. Tanzania Institution of Valuers and Estate Agents (TIVEA) is also among institutions in the country which have accredited TERRANOVA with registration number C.074

Our Team

Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer and Board Chairman
Director of Finance, Business Operations and Administration
                                                                                  KENNEDY BAYONA
Director of Products, Research, Training & Coordination
                                                                                    DORCAS FRANCIS
Director of Marketing, Public Relations and Human Resource Management
                                                                            BEATUS SILINDE
Head of Real Estate Management
                                                                      VIOLETH KALUSANGA
Head of Total Facilities Management
Kasara 1
                                                                             BARAKA KASARA
Head of Real Estate Agency
                                                                           ALICE MAKOBA
Head of Property Investment and Assets Valuation
Head of Land Consultancy
Head of Design and Build


To create and nurture a revolutionized organization which is second to none in the provision of innovative and yet reliable Real Estate, Facilities, Construction & Investment services in Africa.

-To become the most profitable institution in the Tanzanian Real Estate & Construction Industry within 10 years of operation. The introduction of 12 unique Real Estate products in the market will act as a driving force towards this journey.
-To recruit, groom and hire the best professionals in the Real Estate & Construction Industry who are entrepreneurial in nature and assist them to reach the ever growing needs of the mass countrywide within the first 10 years of operations. The introduction of 12 unique Real Estate products in the market will act as a driving force towards this journey.
-To serve the real estate and construction industry by providing affordable and yet high quality services and products unlike any other similar corporation in the country.
-To create the most well-known, solid and remarkable corporate image in the country within the first 10 years of operations.
-To create the most modern organization in the country that is both welcoming to its clients and yet vibrant to its employees within the first 10 years of operations.

Our fundamental values that are adopted by the company while we are interacting with each other and clients are based on:

PROFESSIONALISM: Practicing with formal qualifications and high discipline

INTEGRITY: Portraying good morals in our everyday dealings

VALUE: Superior services at a reasonable outlay

RESPONSIBILTY: Respecting oneself, the environment and community at large.

SAFETY: I am my brother’s / sister’s keeper

EMPLOYEES: Enjoyable workplaces and ensuring career, financial & social stability for all.

PROFITABILITY: Maintaining a level of profit margin that is required for both short and long term goals without compromising the quality of works and financial positions of all parties involved.

PASSION: Working with heart and mind.

TRANSPARENCY: No hidden agenda

ACCOUNTABILITY: Take the blame and fix challenges or take the glory and celebrate.

LEADERSHIP: To spearhead every step towards good results.

COLLABORATION: Working together as a team

INNOVATION: To be an oasis for creativity and invention

FUN: Celebrating small achievements in our journey to success

TITHING: Contributing to religious organisations and the needy

Don’t be afraid to succeed

A decent home & workplace for every African

One stop shop for all of your Real Estate & Facilities needs